Identify Employees

Eliminate the risk of employee negligence from weak, misplaced and stolen passwords by utilizing a one-time password authentication solution.

Identify Customers

Provide peace of mind as well as a higher level of security for your customers by offering secure forgotten password requests and authentication.

Identify Threats

Eliminate threats through stronger identification, a one-time password can help to identify threats before they can obtain access to your systems.

One-Time Password

What is a One-Time Password

A one-time password is a dynamically generated password used during some authentication processes which can only be used once. Many times the OTP must be entered within a set period of time before the code expires and is usually sent to the user through email, SMS text message or proprietary devices called authentication tokens.

Why You Need a One-Time Password

Identifying threats is the most common reason any business requires more security. A one-time password authentication allows your company to identify the good from the bad before trouble starts. If an attacker tries to hack an account the one-time password will be sent to the user of the account as well as your company. Unused passwords can trigger warnings which can be investigated to provide protection before hand from malicious threats.

Beyond the need to identify threats an OTP provides customers and workers with a stronger sense of security while interacting with your company. Not only does a one-time password offer a better experience but the process also keeps employees and customers safe from themselves by issuing an OTP when traditional passwords are forgotten.

Where to Find a One-Time Password Solution

One-time passwords are part of a two-factor authentication process since the OTP works as one factor and your traditional login credentials work as the second factor. Many two-factor authentication vendors offer this type of solution but be aware that not all OTP systems offer the same level of security.

What Makes a One-Time-Password More Secure

One-time passwords must be delivered to the user in order to identify them however if I have added malicious software that siphons data from your computer the chances are I have access to your emails. If the OTP is delivered through easy to hack means such as email then it does not provide the level of security you desire. Out-of-band one-time password solutions, or OTP’s that are sent through a separate network, provide higher security during the authentication process. Most out-of-band OTP solutions send their codes through SMS text message since it is a cost effective and efficient way of delivering the password to the user.

Zero footprint security also provides stronger security during the authentication process by eliminating any left over information as well as hiding the transaction altogether. Teamed up with out-of-band technology the process becomes virtually impossible to hack and gain fraudulent access.